How can I help ?

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How can I help ?

Post by Under18 on Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:45 pm

Here is a short list of how each and every member can help to improve our clan:

1. If I am not online, and someone is looking to receive their academy reward, please do give it to them and I will refund you the amount as soon as I log in.

2. If you see a low lvl player looking to join an academy, offer them to join ours as well as a reward of 250k-400k depending on the situation.

3. Everyone has the right to invite other members in clan, please do use this right at your best and invite player who you think they are suitable.

4. I would STRONGLY suggest that everyone will deposit (or better mail to me so I can keep keep a track of it and I will deposit) in the clan warehouse 10% of the materials and AA and you get /day wherever you farm. We will use that to start crafting for everyone.

5. You know, bros before hoes ? Use it then. Clan parties before hoe parties ! Always prioritize clan parties. This way we help our community become stronger.


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