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Suggestion Essay!

Post by ZzZangetsu on Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:42 pm

About Clan Management:

-Ranks: You can use ranks for both sharing previliges right to each group you want but also to show who is contribute more in clan or is in higher ranking.
For example someone new here will be rank5, this shows to everyone he is new in the clan, of course he is part of the clan but he can't be trusted as much as let's say higher rank members. It's like for newcomers.
Rank 4 could be easily for people that are some time in the clan , we know them, they help in parties, help a bit here and there normal member. Rank 3 could be someone like officer, he helped a lot, contributed a lot, later when clan isnt lacking members maybe they got invite as well something rank4,5 dont got, maybe can organize RB parties when leader etc are missing etc. Rank 2 could be for lets say CORE members and rank 1 maybe leader's real life friends who can really TRUST , or other members that are really worthy of it. These people will be like co-leaders etc.

It's an example but ranking except priveleges can help members know something about the other, especially newcomers who wont know any of us except the leader or his friend. And as i said again it will help get soem burden of leader's shoulder.

-Clan werehouse/Income: The clan have some fees, and need adena at least to maintain and grow. Clan is consisted of every single member and every one must contribute and help the clan to grow. This means adena for academy, clan hall, buying mats for crafting items for core players (1st tank, 1st healer etc, 1st doesnt mean much but somewhere u need to start and its better than 5 half geared tanks) etc.

There are many ways to do it.
1. Clan farming: making a pt and all/most income, drops etc go to clan werehouse. Make it RB or normal 9man party.
2. Making everyone who reach a certain level give an amount to clan , lets say @50,60,70,78 lvl or something dont know.
3. Members contributing on their own, adena mats etc but leader/someone monitoring what comes in and out so these who gives most they take most. What i mean is that if i give everything i got from mats adena etc, i ll w8 to get some more help for gearing than someone who never give anything or gave little.

1 is propably the best way, it doesnt cost anything to the members usually just some time.
2 is ok, everyone must give something
3 is more of an old school method, if clan get all of the mats then its easier to start gearing up members and as some gear up u can make more and more, buts its REALLY hard to monitore everything and then be both efficient and fair. Clans that used this knew that most ppl wont contribute but even if 20 good members do it its really helpful for these 20.

-Activity/Play time: Someone suggested (especially now that we lack members) for members to type what hours they play, class , lvl etc so its easier to group make pt , etc.
This can be easily done in a organizes thread here. I know the thread under18 done in introduction could work a bit but what i m talking about is a a thread that 1st post get updated all the time and have them grouped in something like Mages:low->high lvl , DDs:same , Buffers/Healers: Tanks/Dwarfs: something like this so everyone type what times they usually play and well everything else is easy u can check in clan his class and lvl and update it here and there.

-Communication/Goals: Communication is the key. If someone got a suggestion/problem etc its good to say it. Same goes for leader/co-leaders, its good to set goals talk them out and let members know, maybe even make a thread that get updated regularly about it and the progression. No need for short-term project but mostly for long-terms. Example Adena For Clan Hall: 0/100kk , Adena for Tank Gear: 0/ ...
Or put up there we need SOps for a craft SOPs:0/1000 etc. So people know what the clan need and contribute on it.
Also check out when most ppl are online and then try to post on forum from before and organise some RB party or whatever (see clan werehouse 2. Razz ). This can happen on the go if u see many online but also from like that.

-Forum: If possible make the accounts to need the "ok" from u before they can be fully registered. For later, u wont need everyone to be able to read our forum especially outside the clan.

That's all for now, hope u like some of my suggestions and use them or take ideas for things that will help clan management.

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