Few rules to keep the peace - IMPORTANT

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Few rules to keep the peace - IMPORTANT

Post by Under18 on Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:58 pm

Few rules to keep the peace and happiness to a maximum level:

1. Be friendly towards your clan mates. It does apply to everyone around you Very Happy.

2. Try and keep the clan chat to at least 90% of time English. I know for a fact that 100% is pretty much impossible, everyone gets pissed of at some point and wants to express in their own language Very Happy.

3. Help other whenever you can, don't be a dickhead.

4. Join TS: when you get the chance.

5. Enjoy your staying and I hope we'll be good friends !

6. Contributions- each and every member has the privilege to be part of the clan and the right to contribute towards maintaining it. Here's a breakdown of lvl ranges and contribution amounts:

- Players between lvl 50-59  =  250k/week
- Players between lvl 60-69  =  400k/week
- Players between lvl 70-79  =  600k/week
- Players lvl 80 and over      =  1kk/week

P.S. No, you cannot change on your sub to pay less !

Everyone should do their contribution by mailing me the amount each week until Sunday (which is the deadline). Failure of payment for 3 weeks in a row (Unless there is a valid reason) will result into the player being expelled from clan. Why mailing to me ? Because I keep a track of each payment.

Can I be excused to pay this weekly amount? Yes, there are many things to contribute towards the clan growth and they are: craft materials, soulshots, ClanSkill Items, Full Items, Enchants, etc. Whoever contributes this kind of items, their price will be calculated based on the day's market price and it will reduce the weekly contribution amount.

7. When there is an important event (like a RB that needs to be killed, or clan pvp, etc) I expect everyone to join the clan and help, not to find excuses and continue with their party !!!

8. Number 4 again but more serious. JOIN TS --> Better communication, better life.`

Note: In case of clan event, TS is mandatory.

Thank you,


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